POP Balloon

POP inflatables (Teensys, ittys, Lilliputs, Manikins, Peewees, Bantams and Zyphyrs) are very effective marketing tools displayed at the point of sale to trigger product/brand recall culminating all the mass communication effort into sale. The eye-catching design possibilities of POP Inflatables clubbed with its inherent ability to enhance GRP and represent products and their attributes in true sense and likeness makes them extremely effective medium at relatively low cost.

These inflatable miniature replica products are ideal for super markets, convenient stores, malls, retail locations, trade show and promotional events.

Product Highlights

  • Can be made in any shape — limited by the complexity and size of the product
  • Recommended size — 1-3 feet. Can also make in 1-5 feet
  • Highly durable & easily eepairable
  • Made from laminated rubberized Poly Vinyl material
  • One-time-inflation. Inflate them only once and use them for months