Sky Balloon

Sky Balloons, the edge of advertising has taken this new move which has surpassed all the benefits of a Big Billboards placed in Prime Zones of Human Footfalls. Billboards will give you visibility to an extent of 200 Metres wheras Sky Balloons are designed to provide high visibility over long distances.Helium Filled sky balloons are Sky Balloon are excellent props for special promotions, events, trade fairs, product launches etc. Sky Balloons are available in different shapes, sizes and colour schemes. This concept is sure to attract eyeballs and drive more attention to your intended message, cut clutter and enhance the GRP. Available with us is an innovative range of Helium Balloon/ Light Balloon, which is also referred to as Balloon Bright. Our Helium Balloon/ Light Balloon is perfect for adding light to the room, and also acts a piece of decoration.

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