Sky Lantern

Sky Lanterns are also called Wish Lanterns, We are a one stop shop for all your Sky Lanterns also with Prints. Our Sky Lantern set will arrive fully assembled and ready to light and launch and are fully biodegradable & safe and simple to use. They are unique and able to travel vast distances. It is said that by writing a wish on Wish/Sky lanterns before its release, ones bad luck; ill feeling and misfortunes are given to the heavens thus allowing for a re- newed life.

It is believed that as the sky lantern rises it takes away your trouble and sends fortune & prosperity. Sky Lanterns can be used at any occasion, be it Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings or Corporate events to illuminate the eve and make the day unforgettable. It is a believe by writing your wish/message on the Sky Lantern you can send it to god or late loved ones, Sky Lantern will fly miles height and also it is believed that God, Angles and Late Loved One’s may see your message written on Sky Lantern and bless.